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Member of UK Respiratory Therapeutic Capability Cluster

The membership of Celerion’s Belfast facility within the UK Respiratory Therapeutic Capability Cluster enables faster access to patient populations, specialists and techniques in Phase I & IIa studies. Clients benefit from faster access to data that expedites decision making and speeds up the path to clinical Proof-of-Concept.

(Lincoln, NE; Mar 28, 2011) – Celerion, the premier provider of innovative early stage drug development solutions, announces the membership of the Belfast facility within the UK Respiratory Therapeutic Capability Cluster. Celerion will work with key decision makers and thought leaders in the UK to develop and execute Phase I and IIa studies with targeted patient populations.

The UK Respiratory Therapeutic Capability Cluster is a unique cooperative of internationally leading clinicians and scientists whose aim is to improve the speed of developing innovative therapies for respiratory diseases by working in collaboration with research groups of the pharmaceutical industry.

The collaboration with the UK Respiratory Therapeutic Capability Cluster provides access to patients suffering from asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis and interstitial lung disease. Celerion has access to laboratory capabilities (flow cytometry, flow cytometric cell sorting, microbiology, 16S, deep sequencing, MLST, transcriptomics) as well as lung imaging techniques (CT acquisition of images, dedicated MRI time, advanced CT analysis capabilities and MRI acquisition of images).

“The membership of Celerion into the UK Respiratory Therapeutic Capability Cluster will provide our clients a one stop solution that provides access to targeted patient populations. Celerion provides a full service approach for clinical studies from protocol development through to final report,” said Phil Bach, Vice President of Clinical Research at Celerion. “We have seen an increasing demand for conducting Phase I studies in patients with access to more specialized techniques. This collaboration allows Celerion to address this need and assist clients to gain insight to data earlier in drug development programs.”

All the centres in the UK Respiratory Therapeutic Capability Cluster are recognised for their excellence in basic and translational research in respiratory medicine. Celerion is delighted to be part of this distinguished team of talented individuals, with a proven track-record in helping industry better to understand airways disease and facilitate drug discovery.

About Celerion
Celerion is the premier provider of innovative early stage clinical research solutions. Formed through the acquisition of the early stage development operations of MDS Pharma Services, Celerion has a full spectrum of resources to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and generic industries for Phase 0 through IIa proof-of-concept studies. From facilities strategically located around the world, advanced scientific and technological expertise is applied to clinical research (Phases 0, I and IIa, NDA-enabling clinical pharmacology, ADME), clinical pharmacology sciences, bioanalytical services (discovery through late stage), and drug development services. For more information, visit