Clinical Trial Design

Creative, strategic and consultative study design for the right results

Key Considerations of Clinical Trial Design

Today’s clinical studies are more complex than ever before. Large molecules, personalized medicine, the realization of – omics are all requiring more and more sophisticated studies, designs and endpoints. Celerion’s team of senior scientists, physicians and strategists have been providing or supplementing the expertise of our clients for more than 40 years. Today, clinical trial design must be creative and strategic. And a good partner must be consultative as well. The goal of creative study design is to decrease overall time, cost and risk in the development program. Our adaptive and innovative designs help to get you to go/no-go decision points faster, smarter and with better information to make critical decisions. We strive to ensure that all aspects of your study are taken into consideration; patient selection, study endpoints, sample size, study logistics, IMP handling . . . the list goes on and on but so does our experience.

Having “real-time” access to the right data is a critical component of your study's success. Celerion has the technology and capability to ensure that your data is accurate and easily accessible when you need it. Additionally, through our extensive networks of sites and experts, we can address any unique issues or considerations in your target population.

Moving seamlessly from our industry leading FIH capabilities, Celerion adds significant value to your program through the combination of our operational skills, specialist procedures and access to clinical expertise and patients. We ensure that the most skilled medical and clinical personnel are involved in analyzing and designing your study. Many studies have intricacies and complexities that require deep experience and expert capabilities. Celerion is expert at helping you to evaluate study options or modifications without compromising the validity or scientific integrity of your study.

Full Service Global Clinical Development

Celerion, a full-service, early clinical CRO, is the leader in accelerating development for Phase I-IIb. Our unique combination of medical expertise, clinical operations experience and scientic excellence, enables you to make timely decisions with expert advice and high-quality data. Our leadership in clinical pharmacology through Proof-of-Concept is focused on helping you translate your science to medicine.

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