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Leveraging new technologies for faster, better research

Innovating clinical research technology

At Celerion, we develop and implement new clinical research technologies in order to conduct your trials faster and more reliably. These innovations have not only streamlined the way we acquire, store, and analyze data, but also the ways you can access those results—such as online, in real time as we enter the data in the lab.


Celerion's ClinQuick® electronic data-acquisition system makes data collection and clinical operations more efficient and consistent across our facilities. Utilizing this clinical research technology ensures accurate, high-quality data, even for complex, multi-site studies.

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Celerion's Celexus® reporting tool provides you a first look at your clinical research data, live, as it is collected in the lab. Find out how Celexus keeps you more informed about your study's progress.

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ECG Core Lab

Our highly automated ECG Core Lab utilizes clinical research technology to provide shorter start-up times, research flexibility, and increased data integrity. From collection to analysis, this enables faster access to high-quality data, at a lower cost.

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E-Lab Notebook

Labnotes is our custom, commercially available electronic notebook system. We developed this software to standardize documentation across our facilities and increase efficiency through centralized data storage. Learn how this clinical research technology means faster, more reliable research for your study.

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We can design and build databases quickly, keeping your early development study on track.

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Our experienced eTMF personnel will make essential document collection easier and more secure, producing inspection-ready files.

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