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Metabolite Profiling

Metabolite identification & profiling strategies

From in vitro metabolite identification to human ADME studies our highly experienced scientists work directly with our clients providing insight, explanation and solutions.

Metabolite Profiling and Identification Workflow

Celerion offers a complete suite of related capabilities, from human ADME studies to innovative metabolite identification and profiling via HRMS and radiochemical detection.

Metabolite Identification Reveals Your Molecule

Initial in vitro identification of metabolites in liver microsomes and hepatocytes.

Pre-clinical and human radiolabeled ADME studies confirm and characterize metabolites in vivo.

First-in-Human trials provide additional quantitative insights on identified metabolites.

Instrumentation & Methodology for Metabolite Identity & Quantification

Celerion is one of the few laboratories using the newest and most advanced High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HR-MS) Metabolite Profiling and Identification instrumentation and technologies to identify major metabolite, important metabolite (MIST), and unique metabolite. 

Metabolite Profiling

ADME Studies and Radiolabeled Capabilities

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Metabolite Profiling

Running a Successful Clinical Mass Balance Trial

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Metabolite Profiling

Seeing Through The MIST

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Metabolite Profiling

Celerion Equipment List

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