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Modeling and Simulation

The power of foresight: in silico methods for efficient drug development programs

Modeling and Simulation in Drug Development

Our modeling and simulation scientists are skilled in designing strategic approaches to answering your research challenges. Modeling and simulation in drug development allow for the integration of knowledge gained from preclinical studies on an ongoing basis throughout the clinical phases. Once a model is established with all key elements, predictions can be made on a case by case basis, which allows for selection of future dosing regimens and optimal sampling strategies.

Using the model in this way to help evaluate the efficiency of a study design before it is developed into a protocol can lead to a more robust study. Data are analyzed using NONMEM®, Phoenix NLME®, SAS® and R®. Population PK/PD modeling is another key tool for extracting more understanding from clinical studies with sparse sampling in patients and special populations. Modeling and simulation techniques provide insights that move clinical development forward with the potential for cost and time savings by avoiding having to run additional clinical studies.

White Paper: Modeling and Simulation

Discover how modeling and simulation can help in obtaining more information from a QT/QTc study.

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