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Celerion and Ricerca Biosciences announces “The Biosimilars Alliance” to offer clients a more effective development path for biosimilars

Celerion and Ricerca Biosciences announces “The Biosimilars Alliance” to offer clients a more effective development path for biosimilars

(Lincoln, NE; Feb 29, 2012)Celerion, the premier provider of innovative early stage drug development solutions, and Ricerca Biosciences, a drug safety assessment expert in harnessing external preclinical innovation, announce the formation of “The Biosimilars Alliance”. The Biosimilars Alliance is focused on preclinical and early clinical assessment of biologics manufactured by a new supplier.

The formation of The Biosimilars Alliance was driven by client demand for an integrated service solution for the development of biosimilar products. The market for biosimilars is forecast to grow from $2.4B in 2012 to $44B by 2020. While there has been an established pathway for the approval of biosimilar products in Europe for several years, the US FDA has only recently issued its guidances. The foundation now exists for development of newly sourced versions of some of the most effective treatments that have emerged from medical research in the last 20 years.

The Biosimilars Alliance offers convenient access to all of the specialized services required to perform early assessment of the viability of a potential biosimilar product before beginning costly multi-center comparator studies in the target patient populations. These services include in vitro and in vivo pharmacological assessments of activity and toxicological and immunotoxicological studies to support CTAs and INDs. Importantly, The Biosimilars Alliance also provides access to bioanalytical assay development to enable pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) assessments in animal and human studies, PK/PD modeling, immunogenicity screening during clinical studies and the regulatory and integrated project management support to ensure timely results for strategic decision-making.

“The announcement of The Biosimilars Alliance demonstrates Celerion’s ability to respond to client needs and offer effective solutions that leverage the knowledge base built up over the past 20 years of supporting biologic drug development,” said Susan Thornton PhD, President and CEO at Celerion. “The formation of The Biosimilars Alliance is consistent with Celerion’s goal of providing fully integrated services to get to go/no go decisions quickly.”

“Ricerca Biosciences is well positioned in Europe, Asia and North America to enhance the success of The Biosimilars Alliance. Biosimilars are a rapidly growing segment of the market and we see increasing demand from our clients for safety and efficacy testing to assess viability,” said Ian Lennox, CEO of Ricerca. “The Biosimilars Alliance is an important step for Ricerca in supporting the future needs of our clients.”

The Biosimilars Alliance will also work with other solution providers to offer the full scope of services required to bring biosimilar products to market.

About Celerion
Celerion is the premier provider of innovative early stage clinical research solutions. From facilities strategically located around the world, advanced scientific and technological expertise is applied to global clinical research (over 730 beds in Phases 0, I and IIa, NDA-enabling clinical pharmacology, ADME), clinical pharmacology sciences, global bioanalytical services (discovery through late stage), and drug development services. Celerion has a full spectrum of resources to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and generic industries for Phase 0 through IIa proof-of-concept studies. For more information, visit

About Ricerca Biosciences
Ricerca Biosciences, offers a comprehensive suite of discovery, preclinical and development services to support drug candidates from discovery through IND and NDA on a global scale. Capabilities include molecular through in vivo screening and profiling, medicinal chemistry, IND-enabling toxicology, API process chemistry and cGMP manufacturing of clinical and commercial API. At Ricerca, our scientific excellence and reliable, cost-effective strategies help accelerate your drug discovery programs via our U.S.-based facilities in Concord, Ohio, and Bothell, Washington, and our ISO 9001-certified facilities in Taipei, Taiwan, and Lyon, France. The Lyon and Concord facilities hold AAALAC certification. For more information, visit

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