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Celerion Announces Celexus as a Premier Safety Reporting Tool for Phase I Clinical Trials

Celerion Announces Celexus as a Premier Safety Reporting Tool for Phase I Clinical Trials

Lincoln, NE (November 17, 2016)Celerion is pleased to announce a key technology addition to its early clinical development capabilities, Celexus®.

Celexus® offers clients a first look at their early clinical research data in real-time, as it is collected in the clinics and laboratories, from a first in class web-based portal. Celexus® is a sophisticated approach to viewing, analyzing and trending clinical data during acquisition. The viewable data includes screening, recruiting, adverse events, clinical laboratory, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetic and bioanalytical data.

Celexus is directly populated with data from Clinquick®, Celerion’s proprietary electronic data acqui­sition platform that captures source data directly from the clinic, eliminating the need for manual recording and transcription into a secondary electronic capture system.  Designed specifically for clients’ evolving needs, Celexus provides visual displays and the ability to define parameters to enable faster assessment of trends and identification of potential safety signals.

Safety data visualizations include, among many others, vital signs, dosing, adverse events, ECGs and inclusion/exclusion criteria. These visualizations and source data are easily exported into multiple formats for analysis and creation of ad hoc reports.  Another highlight of Celexus is the Key Performance Indicator Dashboard which displays the progression of the study with information such as recruitment, deviations, study milestones/timelines, dosing and retention.

“Technology is a key differentiator in the rapid transfer of information when translating science to medicine. Celerion is at the forefront of providers in the early clinical research space with respect to investing in the development of new technologies which provide speed and ease of data analysis to our pharma and biotech clients,” said Charles Rapier, Executive Director, Technical Business Solutions. “Celexus brings together key data from disparate systems into one single platform, providing real-time actionable insights to help our clients manage their drug development program.”

“Our clients require visibility and transparency to effectively run their clinical study,” said Susan Thornton, President and CEO. “Real-time access to data has many empirical benefits such as reduced timelines, improved data quality and lower study costs.  It also provides a window into the clinical and operational data of ongoing studies which enables clients to make informed decisions and ultimately helps get their products to the market faster.”

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