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Women in Leadership Spotlight: Michelle Combs

Celerion fosters a workplace environment that welcomes diversity and strong leaders. Michelle Combs, Vice President, Data Management and Biometrics, explains great leaders are those who are driven to achieve success while exhibiting courage, integrity, hard work, a sense of gratitude, and the ability to communicate their vision in an inspiring way to their team.

Michelle explains, “Someone once shared with me to be a successful leader, you need to ‘be someone that people want to work for’ and with that advice, I must remember, although I chose many of the people on my team, they choose to remain part of the team so my behavior must remain worthy of that choice.”

Michelle shares that creating a strong network of people you admire and trust provides crucial support, especially for women in leadership roles. This allows you to continue to learn from others and constantly build skills to foster professional growth throughout your career. For inspiration and support, Michelle turns to her mother. “She is probably the strongest person I know.  She seems to have an endless capacity for giving of herself,  nurturing her family, and serving her community.  I am grateful for the example she has provided for me and for setting the standard to which I aspire.”

Michelle advises the next generation of women leaders to take advantage of every opportunity to learn something new. This guides you in determining what you may or may not want to do in the future.

With opportunities also come challenges. Often, women in leadership roles battle the feeling they are having to choose between having careers or being present for their families. Finding a flexible employer like Celerion can reduce the internal struggle. Celerion recognizes and values the importance of family.

“I eventually realized that it is not an either/or choice. Sometimes I have to give a little more to one aspect of my life, but doing so actually helps me with the other aspects of my life, like prioritizing important events in my family’s life. Hopefully, I set a good example for my girls on how to have a great career and a great family,” explains Michelle.

Celerion offers one of the most experienced clinical pharmacology research networks in the industry and welcomes women to pursue their dreams, be a part of change, and impact the medical community. If you are looking for an opportunity to grow professionally, make a difference in the medical and science communities, and work for a great company, apply to join the Celerion team today at