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Wide Variety of LC-MS Platforms


Celerion is one of the earliest established LC-MS/MS laboratories in the industry:

  • Biomarker Analysis
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Metabolite ID via HRMS

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Challenges Accepted

  • Expertise in large molecule quantitation
  • Extensive innovator expertise including chiral separations
  • Developed and validated several ultrasensitive assays
  • Groundbreaking work via novel derivatization techniques
  • Development of complex chromatography evaluating biomarkers

Automated sample handling:

  • Caliper
  • Sciclone
  • Hamilton
  • Tecan


MS at Celerion

  • 100+ assays in 2019 with 60+ years of combined experience from the top 10 Method Development scientists
  • Metabolite identification core group via HR-MS
  • Recognized industry leader in the development of methods validated to meet current regulatory standards (FDA, EMA, ICH)
  • Continuous investment in new technologies such as Sciex Triple QuadTM API 6500 +, Sciex TripleTOF 6600+, and Waters Acquity UPLC systems with 2-D capabilities