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Celerion is positioned to bring speed and flexibility during a time of constant change, with an aggressive, proactive approach to conducting business. Our goal is to ensure that your research continues, bringing us Closer to the Cure. Read about our testing procedures and operations logistics below.

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Celerion offers a platform of COVID-19 bioassays for drug development and patient safety. Our in-house SARS-CoV-2 PCR test has excellent sensitivity and rapid turn-around time. With the safety of our participants and staff as a top priority, we are currently conducting more than a dozen clinical trials to treat and prevent COVID-19, and leading the way for this novel research.

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A Message from Our CEO

A Letter from Susan Thornton, Ph.D.

With each day that passes, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a greater impact on our lives. Each day is a new normal where we rethink what an appropriate response should be to this pandemic. Top of mind are the implications for our families and friends, our clients and Celerion. The biggest challenge is the uncertainty with regard to how this will play out. While endless experts are speculating on the number of people who will contract the disease and the timeline for it to run its course, the reality is we do not know. The hope, of course, is that the steps currently being mandated by various regulatory authorities, including social distancing, will mitigate the worst-case scenarios. While we cannot predict the future with certainty, we do know that this will pass and while it runs its course, we are doing all we can to act responsibility in the face of many challenges.

This month (March 2020), we celebrated out tenth anniversary since founding Celerion. Our roots in this business go back 50 years. The Management team at Celerion has worked closely together since founding our company, driving significant growth and building strong partnerships with our clients. We all have deep experience in drug development and are “hands-on” involved in our business. Key to persevering now in the face of this disease is tapping into this experience and working closely with you, as a partner, to make the right decisions to protect your interests and the safety of our participants and staff. While we will certainly need to cope with uncertainty over the coming weeks, we are confident that Celerion will emerge from this crisis strong and ready to work by your side to meet your development goals.

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