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Streamlining Bioanalysis of Biologics


We use immunoanalytical techniques such as ELISA, RIA, AlphaLISA, Electrochemiluminescence (ECLA) and ultrasensitive SIMOA which are critical for the analysis of protein molecules and antibody drugs, including biosimilars. In addition, Celerion’s Bioanalytical Sciences also offers state-of-the-art technologies such as ADC (anti-drug-conjugates), Flow Cytometry, qPCR and ELISpot assays. 

Leaders in Biological Drug Development

Unparalleled method development and validation of immunoassays and immunogenicity assays for.

  • Pegylated and non-peglyated therapeutic proteins
  • Peptide
  • Antibodies (intact fragments, single chain)
  • Fusion-proteins or -peptides

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Pharmacokinetic Assays

An array of GLP-certified immunoassay capabilities.

  • RIA
  • AlphaLisa
  • LC-MS/MS

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Immunogenicity Assays

An array of GLP-certified immunoassay capabilities.

  • Anti-drug antibody detection
  • Cell-based and ELISA neutralizing antibody assays
  • NanoLuc for high throughput antibody detection
  • Multiple platforms and matrices

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Large Molecule & Biologics PK Tool Kit

  • ELISA is the most commonly used technology for measurement of biotherapeutics 
  • Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) platform is an Electro-Chemi-Luminescence (ECL) based technology providing low matrix interference, high sensitivity, large dynamic range and high throughput.
  • AlphaLISA platform is a proximity-based homogeneous assay with a high signal amplification, suitable for measurement of biotherapeutics in body fluids.
  • Quanterix SR-X SIMOA platform offers ultra-sensitive immunoassays orders of magnitude 
  • Protein quantification via mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) applying an optimized workflow