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Streamlining Bioanalysis of Biologics

Peptides & oligos

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Leaders in Biological Drug Development

Unparalleled method development and validation of immunoassays and immunogenicity assays for.

  • Pegylated and non-peglyated therapeutic proteins
  • Peptide
  • Antibodies (intact fragments, single chain)
  • Fusion-proteins or -peptides

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Pharmacokinetic Assays

An array of GLP-certified immunoassay capabilities.

  • RIA and EIA Peptide
  • MSD
  • ECLA
  • AlphaLisa
  • LC-MS/MS

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Immunogenicity Assays

An array of GLP-certified immunoassay capabilities.

  • Anti-drug antibody detection
  • Cell-based and ELISA neutralizing antibody assays
  • NanoLuc for high throughput antibody detection
  • Multiple platforms and matrices

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